Angel Fibers


100% Cotton Knitting Yarn

  • 30 combed compact Hosiery (30 CCH)

  • 30 Combed Hosiery (30 CH)

  • 24 Combed Hosiery (24 CH)

  • 20 Carded Hosiery (20 KH)

  • 24 Carded Hosiery (24 KH)

  • 26 Carded Hosiery (26 KH)

  • 28 Carded Hosiery (28 KH)

  • 30 Carded Hosiery (30 KH)

Cotton Yarn Waste Bales

  • Comber Noil Bales

  • Flat Waste Bales

  • Lickerin Waste Bales

  • Sweeping Waste Bales

  • Hard Waste Bales

  • Roving Waste Bales)



  • 100% Cotton Carded Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.
  • 100% Cotton Combed Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.
  • 100% Cotton Compact Yarn for Knitting and Weaving.

Ranges : NE 20s to NE 50s




Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of sincere efforts,intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

Our Research and Development (R&D) Lab is equipped with the latest generation Testing Instruments for Monitoring & Controlling of Process & Finished Product quality for all physical and chemical properties. Controls at various stages of process helps in delivering finest quality yarn to end customers for better efficiency in downstream industry & excellent quality of finished product in textile value chain.

Our R&D Lab is equipped with the following measuring instruments:

Uster ® Tester-5 : UT-5 is used to test different quality parameters of Sliver, Roving & Yarn such as Imperfection, Evenness, Hairiness & Standard Deviation .

Eletrash (Electronic Trash Separator): MAG Eletrash is used to determine percentage of Lint, Trash and Lint loss in Cotton & Sliver. It works under principle of buoyancy separation of air current.

Autowinder XT (Yarn Appearance board winder) : Mag Autowinder XT instrument prepares accurate assessment of Grade of yarn against photo graphic comparison standards.

Computwist(Computerized Yarn Twist tester) : Mag Computwist helps in determining the yarn twist of single yarn being produced through multiple or single untwist-re-twist and direct counting methods.

Yarn tension meter : To give an optimum performance of winding machines. It has been manufactured in a state of art manufacturing facility to give quality and Realiability that will give 100% customer Satisfaction.

Ultra–Violet Room: All the cones are passed under Lamp for detecting contamination.

Link Corner with Uster Quantum-3 Clearer: Uster IMH is installed in all drums of winder machines which removes objectionable spinning faults/Variations & foreign fibers as demanded by our customes.

Sieger Yarn Conditioning Plant: Conditions all cones in Conditioning Plant (YCP) to minimize the hairiness in yarn and increasing Strength of Yarn.

Professionally Skilled R & D manager and R & D Centre helps in controlling the Yarn Quality within Uster +/- 5% International Quality Standards.